Val's Prayer
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all the readers who voted for Val's Prayer in the 17th Annual Heartsong Awards. I enjoyed writing about the Truelove family and how they dealt with their changing lives.  I'm happy to know others loved them as much as I did. 
Again, thanks and happy reading.

    I don't know how many of you suffer from the "P" disease as I do but if you came to my house you'd see so many tasks needing to be done and me making little progress in getting them done.  As Scarlett in GWTW said, "Tomorrow is another day."
    I work in a business where we handle the emergencies that arise daily.  If a list from today escapes into tomorrow, we're twice as busy and you can only imagine how convoluted things get when tasks continue to escape from day to day.
    Life's like that too.  We put off today until tomorrow and then before long there's a huge list of things that need doing that probably won't ever get done and what will we have missed because that happened.  For example, that box of bulbs in the garage aren't going to plant themselves and if I don't get them planted two things will happen.  I will have wasted my investment plus I won't have the pleasure of seeing them bloom this spring and summer.  So I'm praying for a beautiful weekend so I can mark that task off my list. 
     One goal I set for myself this year is organization and I have been concentrating on that.  I have a feeling it will help me not put off tasks because I don't have time to sort through the junk to get started.  I'd love to hear everyone's tips for how you avoid procrastination.