Most years snow is a rare occurrence for us but this is the second snow we've had since the day after Christmas.  My aunt was telling me today that if it clouds up on a snow, you'll get more snow in a few days. It's been fifteen days but she insists her post Christmas forecast was correct.  Mama used to say if you have a thunderstorm in the winter, you'll soon have snow.  Then I look at the banked clouds and think those look like snow clouds.  Yep, not a weather forecaster in the bunch.

Only thing is coastal NC doesn't do well with snow.  The snow came, the temps never rose and now we've got ice on top. There's a delay for work in the morning but it's hazardous driving at best.  Pray for me.  :)

I've been thinking about 2011 for eight days now and what it's going to be for me.  No resolutions, just ways to improve my life. As I pack away decorations, I think of organization and finding things later this year.  I also think of ridding my life of excess and making things easier.  When I write, I thank God for my present and future successes.  It's been a hectic time with galley edits for one book and content edits for another but I made it through with His help.  I'm even thinking about a future proposal as I write my current book.  With my full time job, I think about the future and retirement.  I'd love nothing more than to have more time to pursue all my interests but that's years away and rather than wishing my life away, I need to focus on living each day to it's fullest.  Every day is time in my life I can't get back, no replays, do overs, etc.  It is what it is and I need to do more to make the days better.  In terms of my relationship with God, I know that needs to be strengthed.  I need to pray over my current church situation and determine what God would have me do.  I need to be more faithful in studying the Word. 
So as the days of the new year 2011 pass, I need to ask myself what will I do to make the year memorable?  Whatever it is, I'll do it with God's guidance and love.  Pray for me. 
And as always, happy reading, Terry