Here it is -- nearly the end of January.  Spring will be here before we know it.  Notice how I'm skipping the part about the groundhog and six more weeks of cold weather?  :)  So far our weather this year has been fairly pleasant. A little chilly now and again but we've had days this week that were like early spring. The weather even has my bulbs confused -- I've got daffodils pushing up out of the ground already. I imagine they'll be in bloom before much longer.
As for my writing, I'm working on a story idea I hope to submit to an agent. With the news of Harlequin purchased Heartsong Presents this week, I'm eager to see what their plans are. Meanwhile, I'm going to make an effort to get an agent.
I also want to start a new segment called Do You Hear What I Hear?  No, it's not about Christmas. It's about audio books. Ever since I got my IPhone I've become addicted.  Right now I'm listening to Leisl and Po by Lauren Oliver.  It's a children's story but I'm enjoying.  My next listen will be Diann Mills' Breach of Trust. I'm an auditory writer -- my characters talk to me so it stands to reason that I'd love audio books.  In the past year I've listened to at least three or four a week and it's been great. So if you have a favorite audio book, please share it with me.
My head is filled with what this means but if today is anything to go on I'm going to have a lazy year.  Other than going to church and cooking the traditional black-eyed peas in a crock pot, I did little today.  :)  I've made resolutions regarding my health and my home and home I can keep those for longer than the traditional resolution time frame.  My writing is next on my list -- it's time to continue the book I'm working on and find an agent this year.  So Happy New Year one last time -- here's praying everyone's 2012 will be totally blessed.