Okay, I heard that.  Big deal... You and 48 other states... but it's such a rarity here.  This is first snow we have had in years and it is truly beautiful.  It came in the night and had stopped this morning.  The roadways, driveways and sidewalks weren't covered and didn't require shoveling and the three to four inches of the fluffy stuff turned my dreary yard into a winter fairy land.  I couldn't believe how light it was last night with the moon reflecting off the snow and what I love most is the way it covers the trees.  This is a neighbor's dogwood and it was fantastic.  Alas the sun came out earlier and only left the snow on the ground which I suppose is frozen enough that it kept it from melting.  But the temps are dropping tonight and I know we'll have to worry about black ice and all the bad stuff. 
So thank You God for your special gift.  And to all the rest of you out there, I pray you're warm and cozy.

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     Okay, I admit I'm over it already but I've stuck with my organization resolution and spent the month of January sorting, tossing and giving stuff away.  Of course there's plenty of stuff left but maybe I'll be able to find it as long as I keep my new bin list handy.  Right now I'm thinking my large ceramic rooster that sits in the middle of my dining table ran away with the rooster kitchen rug that goes on the floor in front of the sink.  Honestly, I can't find either of them.  What else could have happened?  Then again, maybe Santa borrowed them to change his North Pole abode.
     Next project is to attack the paper and get the shredder company over here to grind it all up.  They actually put everything in the truck and use a camera to show you it's being shredded.  Just need to make up in my mind that I won't need every sheet of paper I dispose off the minute it's gone.
     There's good news.  Heartsong Presents has offered me a contract for my NC Hideaways proposal.  Soon I'll be working on Richie and Katy's story tentatively titled Peace Be Still.
     Until next time, stay warm and happy reading.