Hard to believe we're basically four days away from a new month and less than a week away from the Easter holiday. This is a special time of year for me.  I love seeing new flowers coming up after the cold, bleak winter.  It's been a cold one here -- 52 days of below freezing temperatures which for us is strange.  We're near the coast.  Also the 10th coldest winter on record but forget all that -- spring is here and winter is nothing but a memory. 
Today we've been preparing for our Easter cantata -- Grace that Amazes.  When you consider what Jesus Christ did for us that truly is grace.  My favorite song in the program is A Picture of Grace which talks about the master's hand painting this picture of grace.  It's wonderful to think of the way God created me and has blessed me in so many ways I can't begin to thank Him for all of them.  If you think about me tomorrow night, pray God will bless my less than talented singing to His glory and if you don't have a church of your own, I hope you'll take the time to see one of the Easter programs in your community churches. It's an experience you surely won't forget. 
I got an IPod for Christmas and it's taken a while to figure out what to do with it.  I'm not a techie.  I have to figure out computers and such using trial and error. 
Anyway, I'm not doing tunes.  I'm listening to books that are downloaded from the library.  My sister and I both are addicted to this new activity.
I used to try and read at stoplights but could never do more than a couple of paragraphs.  Then I started listening to CDs.  No constant glancing up at the light to be sure I didn't hold up traffic.  My book played on and on.  Then when I got home, I sometimes had to bring it in to keep listening.  :)
The IPod is great because I don't have to change discs.  It does the work for me. 
Of course my sister has an IPhone and now I'm thinking I should have gotten an IPhone instead of an IPod. 
Technology -- don't you love it?