Sunday is the first day of spring.  I read a question this week asking our favorite thing about spring.  I don't have just one.  I love spring -- maybe because of the new growth but also because I'm escaping the cold of winter.  It's only mid-March and nearly all my daffodils have bloomed out.  I've wandered around the yard looking for new growth, wondering how the bed I planted last fall will do, hoping to see many of my beloved irises and lilies bloom this year, planning which projects I'll carry through on this year.  Maybe that's my favorite thing -- the hope of a new season. 
I'm winding down on my third book, Just One Touch.  The first book, Peace, Be Still, released a couple of weeks ago and I got the opportunity to blog on the Heartsong Connections site.  It's always a joy to receive a new book.  I thank God.  Without Him it wouldn't happen.