Did you ever wonder exactly why it is you even mess with a computer?  I bought a new unit and I've been trying to get used to the bells and whistles.  I had typed 25 pages of my new manuscript and now I can't open the file.  I'm still trying but looks like I'mm have to recreate. 
I just got that last blog I wrote back in June published.  Had problems with my web server but it's there now.  I did get the manuscript in the mail in time for my deadline and I got my new contract.  That's the book I'm having problems with now.  Pray for me and this computer.  It's too new for me to toss it out the window.  :)
The first day of summer hasn't arrived yet and I'm ready for fall.  I'm not a huge fan of summer and it seems that this year has been even hotter.  I don't suppose it has -- maybe it's because I'm getting older and more conditioned to being inside.  I have all these major plans for redoing my back yard one day and then I wonder why since I find it too hot to spend much time outside in the summer.  Oh well, there's always pleasant evenings to enjoy.
I'm on deadline race.  I sat up late last night finishing a final draft that as all writers know is never final.  I can edit all the way to submission and still find something I wished I'd changed when the book comes out in print.  Pray for me as July 1st approaches.  It's my desire that this book be exactly what God wants it to be.
Happy Reading.