Does anyone else beside me feel like you're doing more and accomplishing less as you grow older?  Or maybe it's taking you longer to do what you used to do in a fraction of the time?  My mom used to tell us one day we'd understand why she felt the way she did as she aged.  I'm there 100%. 

It's a busy time of year for me.  I decorate for the holidays -- inside and out and even took a vacation last week to get stuff done.

Seems I always run up against a brick wall though.  Had my small tree up in my office -- tall and skinny and in a revolving stand so I can see all the ornament collection.  The stand I had decided to give up the ghost.  I bought another stand, thinking this is going to be simple enough -- switch stands, finish decorating the tree.  Guess what -- the stand requires a 1 1/4" tree pole.  I tried cardboard all around but it didn't do the trick.  Learned Christmas trees are heavy when they're fully decorated and when they're shaking, it's scary. 

But I'm brainstorming as I write this and thinking "what if" I had a small piece of PVC pipe.  So it may all work out anyway. 

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday or today or this weekend, whenever your family gathers and prayers for blessing for each and every one of you.
The current HP shipment arrived today and Opie's Challenge shows as a release in the next shipment.

Ophelia Truelove, Opie for short, is pursuing a career as a chef and doen't think a family should keep her from that goal.  Wendell Hunter, wealthy owner of Hunter Farm and eligible bachelor, desires a wife who puts her husband and children before a career.

When Wendell starts facing the reasons behind his desires he wonders if he's missing something vital in pursuit of the "perfect" woman.  Will Opie and Wendell allow God to change them as they draw closer to Him and to each other.

Meanwhile, Palmetto Dreams is available in the stores.

 Vacation starts in one more day!  I can't wait.  Of course the long to-do list will probably mean I'm busier here than I would be at work.  I asked my sister how we'd get it all done and she said one task at the time.  I suppose that's the best way to deal with pretty much every aspect of life -- one step at the time.

Meanwhile, I'm happy to say the Heartsong Presents Book Club will release my 11th book, Opie's Challenge, soon.  Also Palmetto Dreams is available.