Every year we go plant shopping in the spring to fill all our flower pots.  This year I've planted and planted but I still have pots to fill.  It's a challenge but I was impressed by how finished everything looks with these filled flowerpots sitting around.  I hung my two new birdhouses -- one is a pink flamingo with long legs and the other is a turtle.  They are so cute and welcome additions to my backyard. 
A couple of my chimes lost the string fight and so I'll be looking for more.  I know my neighbor's would probably rather I didn't, particularly on those really windy nights but I love the sound.
Next Tuesday is my aunt's 85th birthday.  My parents have been gone for a long time and she's been a substitute mom.  I try to visit as much as possible for I know I won't always have her around. That being said, Mother's Day is just around the corner so make sure to do something special for your mom.
Well the birthday is past but the vacation is underway.  I'm looking forward to the next week.  I'll be taking a short research trip to the NC mountains for my new book, With Not a Spoken Word. We'll be visiting Biltmore House and I'm looking forward to seeing that for the first time.  

I'm also looking forward to being away from work and enjoying a different setting for a while.  I'm not enjoying the heat of summer. I worked out in my yard today until I ran across a small snake in my flower bed.  After that I decided he could have the bed and I'd come inside and cool off.  :) Nice of me don't you think?