Today is my dad's birthday.  He's been dead twenty years this year and he would have been 77 years old.  Time is certainly whizzing past. 
Just chatted with my great niece on FB and she told me she did a book report at school on one of my books.  I teased her about being unique -- not many kids can say they're reporting on a relative's book.  Well, then again, maybe more than you realize considering the number of books being written every day.  So many books, so little time.  :)
I was honored that she chose to do that though.  I remember book reports in school (no, my memory isn't that far gone). I didn't mind the written ones but boy did I hate the oral reports. I hated any situation where I had to stand up before the class.
God has certainly strengthened my self-esteem over the years. He helped me realized we're all special in His eyes and I've stood in front of groups and made speeches and even sung in cantatas. Now since I don't really have a great voice (yes, I'm the Barney Fife sp??? in the group) that's quite a stretch but in the end we sound pretty good.
What kinds of things has God enabled you to do that you believe you never could?