Every year we go plant shopping in the spring to fill all our flower pots.  This year I've planted and planted but I still have pots to fill.  It's a challenge but I was impressed by how finished everything looks with these filled flowerpots sitting around.  I hung my two new birdhouses -- one is a pink flamingo with long legs and the other is a turtle.  They are so cute and welcome additions to my backyard. 
A couple of my chimes lost the string fight and so I'll be looking for more.  I know my neighbor's would probably rather I didn't, particularly on those really windy nights but I love the sound.
Next Tuesday is my aunt's 85th birthday.  My parents have been gone for a long time and she's been a substitute mom.  I try to visit as much as possible for I know I won't always have her around. That being said, Mother's Day is just around the corner so make sure to do something special for your mom.
Saturday I made the first of my annual treks to the nursery to buy plants for my pots.  I have a collection of plants I always buy but I'm often enticed by something new.  There will be more trips to add to the collection which I'll enjoy throughout the summer. 
This beauty is an iris I planted last year which bloomed for the first time.  Irises are one of my favorites.  I have one bed that will have hundreds of blooms if all goes well this year.  So far I've had about a dozen yellow irises so I'm thinking it's going to be a bountiful year. 
I also bought a yellow and a lavender columbine.  Those are the most fragile plants but I find their intricate design quite impressive. I'm always so impressed by the beauty of God's creations and thank Him for the joy he bri