Took a couple of extra days off to get a head start on outdoor decorating. We always put it off until the first of December and it turns cold so this year we said we'd get everything strung out and then light it around the first of December.  Only thing is it really will be colder in early January when we go to take it down.  :(  So far we assembled a few wire trees and some present boxes. There's a lot more than goes into my Christmas wonderland.
Anyway, a bunch of bulbs that might have otherwise been destined not to survive also made it into the ground today.  It'll be a while before they burst out of the ground and give thanks for saving their lives but at one more thing off my endless list. We even trimmed some branches off the crepe myrtle trees. Are we crazy or what? It was like a summer day out there today but word has it tomorrow will be a different story.
Won't be long until JUST ONE TOUCH arrives. God has blessed me with fourteen single titles, two novellas, and three anthology reprints.  Not bad for a writing career that took twenty years to take off.  God knew the plans He has for me and it's clear that once I made the right choice (to write books that honored him), success was mine. 
Ideas are falling in place for the new book. I have visuals of the characters, plan to place the story in Nags Head, North Carolina, and look forward to introducing the characters to everyone.
If you've visited my site lately, I'm sure you think that's the case with me but I truly want to do better but life seems to get in the way more often than not.  I'm going to strive to keep this updated so I hope you'll visit and if it's out of date call me on it. I do appreciate people taking the time to visit my site and look forward to hearing from you.
2011 has been a fast year -- hard to believe it's already mid October and two months and 3 days to Christmas.  I know -- I hear the groaning.  :)  Still it's my favorite time of the year and I look forward to bringing all my decorations out of storage and enjoying them for the holiday season. 
As for writing I haven't done much since I finished the third of my North Carolina Hideaways idea.  The third, Just One Touch, will release to the Heartsong Presents bookclub in November. 
I hope you enjoy meeting Lauren, Jake, baby Teddy and Yapper.
I am putting together a new idea and for now it's formulating in my head more than anything else. I do have about 6K words written but that's a long way from a complete story.
PS I can claim my blog is the reason I'm behind. It said it published but didn't.  Guess I'll contact my provider now.