I've been back at work for over two weeks -- seems longer but that probably has to do with working my regular job and doing edits when I got home.  I got them back to the editor on schedule and now I'm working on the book that is due November 1st.
My mountain research trip was great.  I went to Biltmore and while I'll never know what it's like to live in a 250 room house, I hope to one day experience something so grand in heaven.
I visited Murphy (the site for With Not a Spoken Word).  It started to rain and I took this shot at the Hiwassee Dam.  I also saw Fields in the Wood and Chimney Rock.  There's an elevator that goes 22 stories up inside the mountain and climbed steps to the top of the mountain to take in the 65 mile view.  We could see Lake Lure which was the site of filming for Dirty Dancing. 
As always, the views were majestic and the time off was great.