All my good intentions fell by the wayside.  I was going to keep this blog current but once more time got away from me.
Here it is -- the first iris in my 2012 garden.  Isn't it spectacular?  I do love them so much.  Can't wait to see all the others.  Hope the new lilies I planted also show up.
As for Do You Hear What I Hear -- I've listened to a number of books on my I-Phone and am happy to report I've found some new authors I really enjoyed.
As for me, I'm plugging along at my writing and hope to do a research trip soon for locale purposes and get the book ready for a publisher or agent (not sure which).  On the book front, happy to report I now have two e-books available through Barbour's Truly Yours.  Christmas Mommy and Opie's Challenge are now on Kindle.  Check them out.
As for the header, I'd written this and clicked on the wrong button and it was no more.  So as I said, don't click until you save or you're sure you want something gone. 
Tomorrow night we perform our Easter cantata -- Were You There -- there's one line in the program that truly says it all for me -- for my sin, I'll take Your cross. Jesus bore that cross for our sin and I pray everyone will take advantage of the upcoming services to thank Him for doing that.