Every year we go plant shopping in the spring to fill all our flower pots.  This year I've planted and planted but I still have pots to fill.  It's a challenge but I was impressed by how finished everything looks with these filled flowerpots sitting around.  I hung my two new birdhouses -- one is a pink flamingo with long legs and the other is a turtle.  They are so cute and welcome additions to my backyard. 
A couple of my chimes lost the string fight and so I'll be looking for more.  I know my neighbor's would probably rather I didn't, particularly on those really windy nights but I love the sound.
Next Tuesday is my aunt's 85th birthday.  My parents have been gone for a long time and she's been a substitute mom.  I try to visit as much as possible for I know I won't always have her around. That being said, Mother's Day is just around the corner so make sure to do something special for your mom.


Jeffery Jones
07/27/2012 01:53

Hello Terry my wife absolutely loves your books. Do you have an email address? I was hoping to get you to sign some of the books you wrote that she has in her collection. She would be estatic! Thank-You!

Jeffery Jones

07/30/2012 01:58

Thanks Jeffery. I'm always pleased to learn someone loves my books. My email is TFowler277@aol.com. Where do you live?

Jeffery Jones
08/05/2012 04:19

Hello Terry and Thank-You for your reply. We live in New Port Richey, FL

Email inbound.

Jeffery Jones

Melanie Reeves
08/01/2013 23:11

Hi Mrs. Fowler,
A little over 3 years ago I picked up a book at a local shelter that I had to stay at for about a month and read it within 1 1/2 days. I am now reading it again and would like to say I have and am enjoying it so much. I plan to get some more books in the next few weeks and would like to see if you could tell me if Wal-mart sells your books. If not, could you tell me where they are sold? Thank You, Melanie Reeves.

Palmetto Dreams is the book that I am reading for the second time. Also to let you know I enjoy Gone With The Wind as well.


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