Barbour Publishing has released my last three books in an anthology entitled Carolina Hideaways.  It's available now on Amazon.  Love the cover.  Feeling blessed.

I recently celebrated a milestone birthday and I can only say I'm thankful.  I have a few more years before retirement and then I plan to pursue the things that mean so much to me.  I hope to write a lot, garden and do some of the other tasks, not necessarily bucket list, but tasks that would make my life more organized.  :)  Bet you thought I was going to say healthier.  Oh well, that's there too.

Lot of people get very reflective when they hit the decade marks but I find myself using the years to make changes in my life.  This year I've had knee and eye surgeries that have me walking and seeing better than I have in years. 

Hope to get a proposal in the mail soon and please pray with me that it will be exactly what God wants of me.

Happy summer and happy reading!

I'm so thankful to God for giving us a country where we're free to do the things He expects of us. 

Only yesterday Hurricane Arthur blew by us and I'm pleased that we suffered no loss except possible for one of our tomato plants and I hope to restore that this afternoon.  I pray for those that are being affected as he moves further along the coast.

Today I've set myself a goal of cleaning my office.  Needless to say it's not a one day task but I hope to keep at it until progress is made.  I'm determined to see progress.

I hope you'll take a moment today to thank God for all He gives us and to thank those He leads to protect and guide us.  Pray everyday that the decisions that are made are to benefit us as He would have our country benefit.  I firmly believe that a country without God at its head cannot survive.


Okay if you're checking this site with any kind of regularity you may just think my head is empty and there are days when I can't argue that it is. 2013 was not a good year for me medically and it's carried over into 2014.  I'm having a knee replacement and praying for a great recovery.  So many people have told me I'll be glad I did this and I know I will but it doesn't mean I'm looking forward to having it done.  The main thing is getting myself back on track with my writing.  Feeling bad doesn't help the stories flow and I so want to write more books for Harlequin.  So if you read this and have a moment this week or even the next few weeks, remember me in prayer.  It will be much appreciated.




And now, I present my latest Heartsong Present -- my first with Harlequin, Unintentionally Yours.  The release date is June 1, 2013.  I'm so thrilled to share this story with you and hope you'll enjoy reading about Josiah and Leah.

Josiah has a secret on his hands

When Josiah Byrd opens a thirty-year-old letter addressed to his late father, his world is shaken. He's determined to leave the truth firmly in the past—where it belongs. But he can't do it without the help of the beautiful young woman who mailed the letter.

Leah Wright made a huge mistake. Yes, she mailed the letter, but she never meant to hurt anyone. And now she's promised Josiah that she'll do whatever it takes to make things right. But the more they try to ignore the past, the more they realize that love just might be the remedy that heals old wounds and unites two families.

Just saw on AOL that Gone With the Wind came out 74 years ago.  I remember my mom taking me to see the movie when I was thirteen or so.  I think she saw it the first time at about the same age.  It's great to see some things have staying power.  I enjoy the movie just as much now as I did that.  One day I hope to write a book that has that same staying power.  :)

Here it is Valentine's Day.  Mid February.  Didn't the year start just yesterday?  I think about the days and weeks and how fast they go by and realize that when I long for weekends I'm pretty much wishing my life away.  I need to stop that and focus on making every day worthwhile and better than the day before.

Hope you told someone you love them today and if not, tell them tomorrow and the day after and the day after that.  They are words that can never be said too often.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Hard to believe 2013 is here.  Seems like 2012 was just yesterday.  Time passes so quickly and there's so many things in life we want to accomplish.  I have made a couple of resolutions.  I'm going to lose 10 pounds.  Okay, when you look at me you think that woman needs to lose more than that but the truth of the matter is the total is overwhelming and it's better to try for small increments.  I'm going to submit two proposals to Harlequin Heartsong for consideration.  As always I hope to see family and friends more and I really need to plant those bulbs that are still in the box in the garage.  I found the list where I broke down where they go today so maybe this weekend.  Today is looking like rain. 
My prayer for everyone is that 2013 will be the best year you've ever known.

Here we are two days away from Christmas.  It's been a difficult end of the year for me.  Last year my knee started hurting for the first time and since them I've had one recurrence and I've had bursitis in my hip.  Both things are very painful and very limiting so things I would have done had to wait until I was able to do them.  Anyway I'm still shopping and preparing to cook a few items to take to my aunt's for Christmas day and my brother's for Christmas Eve.  I made it through the church cantata and was totally blessed by the experience and will say that if I could work as fast as my mind, you could call me flash.  :)  I can come up with more things I'm going to accomplish on a Saturday than I can do in a lifetime.

 But when all is said and done, Christmas comes and we celebrate.  Take time to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus, thank Him for this special time when we should remember God sent His son down to earth to give us a gift that keeps on giving every day of our lives.  Give someone an extra hug this year, tell people you love them.  It's all good and you'll be better for it.

And yes, that's me in the picture sitting with my reindeer friend. 

Merry Christmas to all and prayers for a wonderful 2013.

I think everyone is watching the weather right now for this strange storm that's appeared so close to the end of the season.  We're all hoping and praying it will coast right on by and not affect anyone but the smart people are making preparations just in case.  Not me.  I'm waiting until tomorrow which probably means I'll be running around outside in the rain moving things that need to be put away to avoid being blown away.  That doesn't mean I don't hope I don't have to do anything.
It's been a busy couple of weeks both at work and at home.  I had several things going on at work and was wrapping up my book for Harlequin Heartsong at home.  Got that in before my deadline date so that's a plus but haven't touched my office yet and believe me it's a mess.  You'll get a real laugh when you read about the clutter consultant in the book and compare that to how disorganized I can be at times.  I probably need an organizer but I'm too attached to my things to let them go.  :)
So, parting advice to everyone - watch the weather, make preparations if needed and stay dry.

Deadlines come really fast and the key to meeting them is keeping them is write, write, write. I've done that.  I have my book.  I wrote it and have rewritten parts of it two more times. My friend, Mary, and my sister, Tammy, are my beta readers.  Shhhh . They don't know I called them that.  :)  They read the books and point out inconsistencies and I can trust them to do more than say it's great. I wouldn't change a word. 
Not saying I wouldn't love to hear those words.  I don't think there's an author alive who wouldn't but edits are part of the deal.  I can handle my friend's edits more easily than my sister's. When Tammy gives her opinion and I have to fight my defensiveness.  She's criticizing my baby. Telling me it has something ugly that needs to be fixed.  I try to explain why it's the way it is but there's no explaining away anything that the reader doesn't understand.
And even after I finish, tuck this baby in an envelope and wave goodbye as the post office takes it off to the big publishing house in the city, I can expect it to come home for more edits.  :)  
I'm not a beginning to end writer.  I write about 75% of the book and then come back to layer in more of the story in the form of description. I'm an auditory writer.  My characters talk to me so I write dialogue. I can't speak for other authors but I recognize I have problems and work at improving my craft. I have one full bookcase of writing books that I've collected over the past thirty plus years but I still buy more. 
So there's a little glance into Terry's writing world.  It's crazy at times but I thank God for giving me the ability to create stories. I love it!!!